What can I do about a Non-Licensed Contractor?

A common concern of Homeowners I talk to is having Non-Licensed Concrete Contractors doing work on their properties and either leaving an unfinished project, producing poor workmanship or even damaging the property, and then disappearing never to answer the phone again.

All properly licensed contractors are required to carry a copy of their Contractor’s License on their person at all times, so the easiest way to vet a Concrete Contractor for your projects is to ask to see their Contractor’s License. This action will easily help you choose a Contractor in two ways:

  1. The Contractor will be more than happy to show you their Official License and you will be working with a Professional whom will have Experience and Knowledge to get the Job Done Properly.
  2. The unlicensed person may be offended, rude and even try to sell themselves as a professional without showing any official licensing or Credentials. This will show you they are Unlicensed and trying to perform as a contractor, illegally.

The dangers arising from hiring these workers are not worth the amount of Damage and Damages that can be caused on your property and the liabilities are many.

The Cost of any worker hurt on your property can send your projects costs into the tens of thousands, this is a real danger on any onsite especially one where the project is run by the less knowledgeable unprofessional worker.

Any damage to your property is too much and if workers are not insured damage can be left unanswered for and lawsuits needed to recoup for these damages to your biggest investment.

Every State has Contractors Licensing Board and a Website where you can check valid Contractors and their License Status.

The Better Business Bureau is another great way to check a Contractors worthiness or if they have had problems in the past.

The State of Hawaii has a RICO webpage where you can verify a Contractors License or if they do have violations against them. The page is at:

File an Unlicensed Activity Tip or a Formal Complaint

If work has already been done your chance to have any warranty for workmanship is gone. Any damage to your property or if anyone is hurt on your property you may be held liable.

Protect your greatest investments hire well-known licensed insured contractors and professionals for work done on your home and business.

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