How much does Residential Concrete Cost?

A good concrete contractor can estimate cost of basic flat work fairly quickly if given details about the project such as size of the project, location of the project, access information (For readymix trucks) and decorative details. Given these details the contractor can base a price to do a basic place and finish proposal. Many factors and situations can cause prices to escalate quickly, we will list them here. *Excavation – If excavation is needed to level or create the space for your concrete pour then rental of a skidsteer, mini excavator or larger excavator can be nessecary and costly depending on if you need to haul earth and spoils out of the project area. Excavation of footings if Posts or other attachment is planned. (Permitting will also need to be looked at if load bearing walls are to be placed.) *Hydraulic Hammer Rentals – In location where dense rock is prevelant a hydraulic hammer may be needed to gain proper grade/levels. *Depth of form materials – If choosing to create a thickened edge for protection and strength at sides of the pour then added material cost will inccure due to the contractor upsizing the form type/ size. *Rebar Reinforcement – Basic pads or slabs can use a small diameter iron or a 6×6 wire mesh if no special load requirements are needed to enhance strength and crack mitagation. When load bearing posts or walls will be added larger diameter iron will be required by Engineers and County Entities. Cost will increase considerably as permitting and inspection of reinforement will now be required. The cost will be largely dependent upon typical details provided by the Engineers and Architechs who drew the plans for the project. *Access to the project – On projects that are over 2-3 cy decorative quality can be in danger unless the concrete is pumped to the location in a timely fashion after arriving atthe jobsite. *Decorative details such as Seamless or Interlocking Concrete Stamps which add detail and texture to concrete projects usually cost more due to the labor intensive nature of stamping requiring more pour labort and added product cost for release powders or liquids. * Colored Concrete and Concrete Stains – Viberant colors can be added to your project via the ReadyMix Vendor or by placing Color Stains after the pour, both these tecnique will load cost upon the project dependant on type of stain choosen and color. * Decorative Finishing Tecniques – There are many different Concrete Finishing Tecniques that also add texture and character to you project. Some can be done without added cost, but one that require embedding aggregate or salt will cost gor the materials and add labor to the project. Concrete Professionals will be able to present all the pertainent information that will go along with the build on your specific project. Professional quality is what will add value to your property when your project is finished so be sure to use a reputable licensed contractor for all projects over 1500.00. Lawrence Ramirez RME CT36885

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